One PC runs multiple screens over the network


A simple and cost-effective solution that will change the way

you use digital signage


+ Forget about having to install a PC for each display screen.


+ Dump the cumbersome infrastructure.


+ Completely do away with expensive video extension equipment

    for each display.


One computer, a few simple components, and the Wired or Wireless

Local Area Network is all you need for Monitors AnyWhere




Using Monitors AnyWhere – from a single workstation – you:


+ Control and Monitor as many as 20 digital signage channels.


+ Configure the content to broadcast to each individual monitor.


+ Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all

    digital signage in your establishment.


+ Utilize HDMI over LAN zero clients technology or,

    alternately, a multiple monitors PC configuration.




Looking for...

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Monitors AnyWere

Control a multi monitor digital signage system

Online Monitors AnyWhere

VideoWall system




The ideal solution for:


+ Enterprises open-space signage
+ Educational institutions
+ Industrial lines
+ Libraries
+ Conference rooms
+ Department stores and Supermarkets
+ Hospitals and clinics
+ Restaurants



26.11.2015 - Upcoming events

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25.11.2015 - New enhancements

New version released - v2.0.0.23  Click Here


05.05.2015 - New enhancements

Windows8.1, Windows10, Server 2012 R2 and Virtualization support added Click Here


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