HDMI display over Ethernet/LAN

What are the HDMI over LAN Zero clients? or How to Stream VGA over LAN?


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HDMI over LAN is based on the fact that a relatively large number of monitors can be connected

through USB connectors.


USB graphic cards are in the market for over a decade. These cards enable the option of connecting

numerous monitors to the same computer, with great ease and comfort. Today you can also find theses

devices with VGA, HDMI and DVI as well. But there is one problem related to the USB standard.  


The problem


The USB 2.0 standard restricts the distance between the computer and each of the hardware

components connected to it to a maximum of 5 meters. This limitation has always been a problem

for applications that require distant monitors beyond the range that the USB standard permits.


The solution


The HDMI over LAN technology provides USB connections (and not only for graphic cards)

through a local network, with no distance limits between the computer and the USB component.

This technology was originally developed to allow the sharing of USB printers and storage devices.


Today, with new technological advancements that provide local networks with a broadcasting transfer

rate of 1GB, HDMI over LAN provides the possibility of connecting a relatively large number of monitors

and other USB devices through the same local network and not only with the old VGA connection type,

but with HDMI and DVI as well. (Also known as: VGA over LAN or DVI over LAN)



How do we combine HDMI over LAN Zero Clients with Monitors AnyWhere


By combining the advanced technology of HDMI over LAN with Monitors AnyWhere, digital signage

become simple and cost-effective. A single computer and a local area connection is all you need to delivery

information over numerous monitors simultaneously.


Only with Monitors AnyWhere you can Control and Monitor the information that will be displayed on each 

screen connected to the main computer.


For more information on Monitors AnyWhere technology.



How does it work


In the following videos you'll see three demonstrations of how to utilize HDMI over LAN zero clients

with Monitors AnyWhere.



           Centerm C75 v2                                      Atrust m320                                   ThinGlobal MiniPoint


Many names for the same solution


Lately different hardware manufacturers have been developing the same solution under different names.

Some of the names you might see in the market are: VGA over LANZero Clients over LAN, VGA over IP, VGA over Ethernet,

HDMI over IP, HDMI over LAN, HDMI over Ethernet, IP 2 VGA, PC 2 HDMI, VGA via IP, HDMI via IP, HDMI 2 IP,

DVI over Ethernet, AV over Gigabit ethernet, PC to HDMI over LAN, VGA on LAN, VGA to LAN, etc...



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