Quick Installation Guide - Monitors AnyWhere


*** Please refer to our new and updated Quick Installation Guide


To install Monitors AnyWhere you'll need to go through these 4 simple steps:


1. Install drivers for the VGA over LAN zero clients.

2. Install the VGA over LAN zero clients Server software.

3. Connect the VGA over LAN zero client devices to the monitors.

4. Install  Monitors AnyWhere.






1. VGA over LAN zero clients drivers installation


There are many manufacturers of VGA over LAN zero clients in the market.

In the following link you can examine several models from different vendors with

different kinds of chipsets. Please click here to check which driver you should download.



-- If you are using one of the following zero clients:

PHIStek ZE6000, ZE5000, Atrust m320, HP T200 , LD4730, LD4730G, LD4735, LD5535, B421,

Centerm C75, ThinGlobal's MiniPoint Ethernet, Lenkeng's PC to HDMI over LAN - LKV376,

Please download SMSC's latest driver, click here



1. To enable more than 4 devices to run on the same host PC, download the file

from this linkrun the registry file and restart your system.


2. Windows8.1 currently not supported by SMSC drivers but Windows8 works perfectly.

Please make sure not to update to the new Windows8.1.



In the following videos you'll see demonstrations on how to install and operate the zero clients.



           Centerm C75 v2                                      Atrust m320                                   ThinGlobal MiniPoint






-- If you are using one of the following zero clients:

Goodway's AE6210, VideoHome, StarTech's devices, Atrust m220

Please download DisplayLink's latest driver, click here


-- To download MCT's latest driver, click here

(Wyse Dell E02, The HUB Series 400, MWS9940, MWS9943, MWS400UL)







2. Install the VGA over LAN zero clients Server software


Please download the Network USB Service from here.

Install the software and to complete the installation, please restart the host computer.





1. For StarTech's devices, please use the software provided by the vendor.

2. For MCT's devices, please use the following software.

3. For Lenkeng's LKV376, please use the following software.







3. Connecting the VGA over LAN zero clients to the host PC


Connect the VGA over LAN zero client to a monitor and a LAN connection on the same

subnet of the host computer. Make sure the VGA over LAN zero client is connected to a

power supply and the indication LED is ON.




If a DHCP server is available, the Zero Client will be automatically assigned with an IP address.

Otherwise, its default address:


Please follow the instructions bellow:


a. Start the program "Network USB Setting" by clicking on the following icon:


b. The program presents all available Zero Clients found on the local network and allows

you to connect to relevant hardware.



c. Select the device and click “Assign to this PC”. This operation will extend the host PC's desktop

to the monitor which is connected to the Zero Client.




1. This operation will cause the zero clients to automatically re-connect to the host PC on every reboot.


2. If the zero client's status is showing: Assignment: Other PC

Please press on the "Clear PC assignment" button and repeat step C.



d. Please ensure all monitors are configured to "Extended mode" as shown here:






4. Installing Monitors AnyWhere


Please download the software from here and go through the installation process.




Monitors AnyWhere has successfully been installed and it's now running in Trial Mode.

Trial Mode will run for 30 days and will allow you to control and preview up to 3 remote

screens which are set to Extended Desktop Mode. 


If you have purchased a license of Monitors AnyWhere and you would like to activate

your license, please use this guide to Activate your Monitors AnyWhere license.



If you had encountered any problems during this process, check out our Troubleshooting guide


To learn more on how to use the software, please check our Online Knowledge Base